Staff List

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Position Name Email Phone Website
Principal Dr. Natasha Wyatt 253-571-3877  
Office Coordinator Suzanne Gottgetreu 253-571-3888  
Health Clerk Sheryl Hammons 253-571-3875  
Counselor Michael Bujacich 253-571-3919 Website 
Teacher SpEd/LRC Kelli Crawford 253-571-3912 Website 
CIS/Booster President Judy Merritt 253-571-3872 Website 
Instr. Coach/Collab. Teacher Trisa Dixon 253-571-3922 Website 
Title 1 Teacher Amy Paulson 253-571-3897 Website 
English Language Teacher Masha Shepherd 253-571-3884 Website 
LAP Teacher Michelle Fredericks 253-571-3897 Website 
Music Teacher Margaret Ross 253-571-3899 Website 
P.E. Teacher Josh Brandt 253-571-3903  
Librarian TOL Patricia Albert 253-571-9315 Website 
Occupational Therapist Anna Garner 253-571-3920 Website 
Speech Pathologist Heidi Gallup 253-571-3918 Website 
Head Start Teacher Christine Caldwell CCALDWE@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-3913  
Head Start Assistant Teacher Manuela Bosteder-Canche MBOSTED@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US    
Peer Inclusion PS Teacher Melani Summerfield 253-571-3892 Website 
Head Start/Family Advocate Susanna White    
Kindergarten Teacher Kim Stavig 253-571-3891 Website 
Kindergarten Teacher Wendy Herforth 253-571-3896 Website 
1st Grade Teacher Kristen Wormley 253-571-3890 Website 
1st Grade Teacher Amanda Hartley ahartle1@tacoma.k12.wa 253-571-3896 Website 
2nd Grade Teacher Wendy Owen 253-571-3880 Website 
3rd/4th Grade Teacher Erin Keller 253-571-3915 Website 
3rd/4th Grade Teacher Matthew Ryan 253-571-3916 Website 
4th/5th Grade Teacher Dina Goody 253-571-3881 Website 
4th/5th Grade Teacher Shannon Shellgren 253-571-3883 Website 
TOL Stacey Logan 253-571-3882 Website 
TOL Jean Henry 253-571-3894 Website 
TOL Vickie Rhee 253-571-3912 Website 
TOL Ian Berman-Hand 253-571-3895 Website