Dress Code


  • Any shade of solid Blue or White. (No Black!)
  • Includes: Polo Style Shirts. Blouses must have a collar.


  • Navy Blue, Black or Khaki. Solid colors only. 
  • Includes: Slacks, Cargos, Cords, Capris, Skirts, Shorts, Jumpers and Skorts. Pockets must be design/stitching free.   
  • Does not include: Jeans or Sweatpants.


  • Sweatshirts & Sweaters (Hoods okay), but must have collared shirt or blouse underneath.


  • Shirts/Blouses must have a collar!
  • Sweatshirts/ Hoodies & Sweaters, in any shade of solid blue or white, must have a uniform shirt or blouse underneath with collar over the outer garment. 
  • Leggings or Tights worn alone are not part of the uniform policy. Must be worn under a skirt, skort or jumper and meet uniform guidelines:​ any shade of solid blue, black, khaki or white. No patterns, designs, etc. 
  • Skorts & Shorts must not be more than 3 inches above the knee. 
  • Shoes: Must be appropriate for safety! Tennis and/or casual shoes. They should be comfortable.  
  • Uniforms should be in good condition with no tears or holes and regularly laundered. 
  • New students, enrolled after the 1st day of school will have one week to conform to the uniform policy.  

Why does Fern Hill Require Uniforms?

  • We are proud of our successful school wide uniform policy in part because Uniforms... 
  • Reduce peer pressure to out-dress each other. 
  • Are less expensive than trendy fashions. 
  • Improves school behavior. 
  • Instills a sense of unity, belonging, and pride. 
  • Research shows uniforms reduce bullying/fighting. 

Uniform Donations are gladly accepted. Please drop them by the office.